Thursday, June 30, 2016

     My first post is about transforming an everyday, inexpensive item into something you could give as a gift that is cute and practical!  These are composition books that are often on sale for pennies during the back to school shopping craze (that often begins after the 4th of July, let's be honest). I love sales almost as much as I love paper crafting; I tend to stock up on these types of items and then transform them into something more fun.  

Supplies used:

*washi tape
*star ribbon
*rubber stamps ("hello" and telephone)
*designer chipboard ("wonderful" and fairy)
*stickers ("dream" letters)
*patterned paper 
1. I usually lay the composition book on top of my piece of patterned paper, trace it,  then cut it out. Adhere with your glue preference.

2. Add any trim along the spine of your book, I like washi tape or ribbon, but you could use strips of patterned paper as well.

3. Add any embellishments you wish...have fun!


  1. Love your designs Susan, the telephone is adorable! You go girl!

    1. Thanks so much! First comment on my blog, whoo hoo!