Monday, July 4, 2016

Today I'm posting some paper crowns that were published in Green Craft Magazine last year.  They are "green" because they have been upcycled from *ahem* toilet paper tubes that I cut into crowns.  I suppose you could easily use paper towel tubes or even just create your own crown out of cardstock. I had fun painting them with metallic paints, then using metallic paint markers or Inka Gold (comes in a variety of colors, not just gold) on the edges.  The floral crown is made by decoupaging (a fancy way to say "gluing") a paper napkin to the crown, then trimming off the excess after it dries.  I used a variety of trims, washi tape, and faux pearls/diamonds as embellishments.  These would be fun to give in lieu of a birthday card or to use as place settings at a party.  


paper tubes
metallic paint
Inka Gold (gold, silver, & copper)
dream stamp
washi tape (on middle and far right crown)
floral napkin
trims, pearls, diamonds

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